Friday, November 1, 2013


...are making me think about camping again. 
A skyward cliff to my right, the shore to my left. 
Tents peeking through the fog in the distance. 
A thermos of hot tea in one hand, maybe a hand in the other. 
Friends scattered about the shore, all with a loved one. 
Muffled jazz music coming from the tents. 
Snuggling in the brisk morning air, dancing around a fire by night. 
Food that will eventually run out. 
My yellow notepad anxious to touch the sea with me. 
Slow dancing after a picnic lunch. 
Some photographs waiting patiently to be loved one day—
the luckier photographs popping out the tops of cameras. 
Umbrellas awaiting their turn by the luggage.
The clouds ready to break at any moment. 

The Puget Sound, WA

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  1. thanks for all the comments!

    the thing about blogs is there can often be a lack of genuine love. i feel nothing but genuine love from your blog and your comments. <3

    love the new look by the way :)