Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have too much stuff. I've been taught—by both individual people and American society in whole—that life is just an abundance of things. Objects. Every day, a new one's invented, and the already existing one's "improve". But, rather than things, I want a life abundant with 'theres' and 'hows'. A nine-to-five and a degree (or what everyone's ill idea of a degree is: a piece of paper) has become to distasteful. It's all stuff. Stuff to keep the dollar bill coming in, so our things can continue to pile up higher. That's when days become more and more like one another and, to be frank, those days are what I fear most. My days weren't intended to blend together, alike in every way. I imagine my life to be like the wild. A place without things; just life inside of me, and the Earth around me, and that all being plenty. I refuse to grow wary of the four walls of an office, or a home.

The fact that I've known, but denied for some time, is that "real life" is relative, and like religion, isn't the same for everyone. On a late night, I, half-asleep, jotted down in my notepad: "Of course it's a way one-way ticket. Who said Machu Picchu isn't real life?"

In essence, I've decided to be alive. And I've decided not to worry about it all that much.

I wish everyone would live. I hope everyone chooses to one day.


  1. live live live! i'm all about this right now and i am all about you. Go get em girl!!

  2. I needed this. Tonight I was laying on the couch looking at the ceiling and wondering what I was waiting for everynight......I'm just waiting for the next morning. I can't do this anymore. Come to me. Let's live in SLC. live live in SLC.